Time to get to know your Power ON FM DJ’s better………

Favourites… And why!

Film – if pushed Goodfellas
Actor – Kevin Spacey
Actress – Laura Linney
TV show – House Of Cards
Album – Impossible to say but Meatloaf’s Bat Out Of Hell 2 has been in my car CD player for 6 weeks now
Recording artist – Who else but Bruce Springsteen!
Book – To Kill A Mockingbird, I must read it once a year
Sporting personality – Tony McCoy

What would you like to be your last…

Drink – Guinness
Memory – Lots of them
Emotion – Happiness
Meal – Clams to start with then Steak Tartare and a nice Cuban cigar and a fine whiskey to finish
Experience – to see Wolves win the League!


Fave restaurant – We are blessed with many great places.
Fave nightspot – Dubliner
Fave act or artist – Billy McCracken
Fave bar – any that serves draft cider!
Fave food – You cannot beat the ribs at Eras Las Mosas
Fave wine – Vina Norte is decent
Fave excursion – Helicopter tour
Fave hidden gem – Our island is full of them. Everyone should check out the madness that is El Cordero at least once.
If you were mayor…
What law would you scrap – The law that’s states you need to get a new NIE certificate every few months. Stupid and pointless.
What law would you bring in – All holiday makers have to pass a driving test before they can drive a rental car.
What changes would you make – Where do I start? opening laws need sorting. Strong fines for double parking. Cameras on the TF1….


A guilty pleasure – That would be telling!
Your most embarrassing moment – my nickname in my cricket club was Marigold. Still makes me blush.
A childhood nickname – See above
Favourite professional moment – The whole week when Hasim Rahman beat Lennox Lewis in South Africa. I will write a book on that one day.
Your secret crush – Tilda Swinton
An artist you secretly love – Cat Stevens
A celebrity you would shoot – Adam Sandler
A TV show you wouldn’t appear in, even for a million quid – Big Brother