Jamie Droo

Time to get to know your Power ON FM DJ’s better………

Favourites… And why!

Film – The Great Escape because I, like Steve McQueen enjoy a challenge
Actor – Steve McQueen because he has played many challenging roles and pulled them off very well
Actress – Mila Kunis, Because, well just because
TV show – anything David Attenborough
Album – Evergreen by Ricky Fontaine because its my Dad
Recording artist – Bruno Mars
Book – Anything by Chris Ryan, Because I´m ex-forces and love the detail in his writing
Sporting personality – Conor McGregor

What would you like to be your last…

Drink – Tea with Yorkshire Teabags
Memory – last memory would be to share it with family and friends
Emotion – Happiness
Meal – Lightly toasted brown bread sandwich with peanut butter cheese and mayonnaise
Experience – last experience would be to experience flight in a free fall wing suit


Fave restaurant – Casa Maria, Callao Salvaje
Fave nightspot – Dubliner
Fave act or artist – Didi
Fave bar – Olde Ocean, Fanabe
Fave food – FAST
Fave wine – ANY
Fave excursion – Whales and Dolphins in their natural habitat, where they should always remain
Fave hidden gem – Stage Door
If you were mayor…
What law would you scrap – I´d re-write all laws appertaining to traffic
What law would you bring in – better training for drivers
What changes would you make – underpants, everyday


A guilty pleasure – Little Mix
Your most embarrassing moment – Interviewing a high profile Boxing champion on stage with toilet roll stuck to my shoe…..all on film
A childhood nickname – Pooey Drooey
Favourite professional moment – Getting the chance to interview Joe Longthorne, a man I have always had the greatest respect for as a singer
Your secret crush – Bo Dereck
An artist you secretly love – Imelda Mae
A celebrity you would shoot – wouldn´t shoot anyone but I´d throw stones at Justin Bieber if he lived on my street
A TV show you wouldn’t appear in, even for a million quid – Take Me Out, love it but wouldn´t go on it

Jamie Droo,