Darren Clarke

Favourites… And why!

Film –  Shawshank Redemption, good overcomes evil
Actor – Robert De Niro, so many great films
Actress – Meryl Streep, same as my favourite actor, so many fantastic films
TV show –  Auf Wedershein Pet, 3 Geordies go in search of a better life

Album – Aja, Steely Dan, love that kind of music
Recording artist – Toto, Every one of their songs get me singing along
Book – The Bachmann Books, Stephen King stuff, very thought provoking
Sporting personality – Kevin Keegan, Legend

What would you like to be your last…

Drink – Dorada
Memory – being with my family
Emotion – happiness
Meal – New York strips marinated in Olive Oil, herbs, garlic and onion powder, with Canarian potatoes and a massive Cheesecake afterwards

Experience – dunno, so many,I should say being with the other half but I would love to do some hand gliding


Fave restaurant – Restaurant La Caleta, fabulous gambas croquettes
Fave nightspot – Stage Door, where legends are made haha
Fave act or artist – here? Soul Brothers, really awesome
Fave bar – The Beach bar down La Caleta. Where the paragliders come in and you’re right on the sea. The sunsets are amazing
Fave food – Fried Chicken
Fave wine – at the moment El Coto. A smooth red only 4.95€ in Mercadona. A steal
Fave excursion – Freebird, of course
Fave hidden gem – Otellos, not known a great deal by tourists but an absolute diamond in my opinion

If you were mayor…

What law would you scrap – I really don’t know

What law would you bring in – less cars on the roads
What changes would you make – reduce the amount of hire car companies


A guilty pleasure – Steps, The pop group
Your most embarrassing moment – far too many, I’m an entertainer for heaven’s sake haha
A childhood nickname – Dazzla
Favourite professional moment – About 1994 I was in a band and we were playing a drifters medley at a gig and the Drifters walked in (true story)
Your secret crush – Dana Delaney (look her up)
An artist you secretly love – The Bee Gees
A celebrity you would shoot – Justin Bieber
A TV show you wouldn’t appear in, even for a million quid – What?? I would go in all of them….gimme the money

Darren Clarke,