Adi Benson

Time to get to know your Power ON FM DJ’s better………

Favourites… And why!

Film – Top Gun because at the time of it’s release I was all set to join the RAF
Actor – Will Ferrell, I just like daft comedy!
Actress – Andie MacDowell, see below
TV show – Cheers, you can’t beat an old classic
Album – R.E.M, Automatic for the People, not listened to anything that has come close
Recording artist – Elvis Presley, he is called the King for a reason
Book – Anything by Peter James
Sporting personality – Kenny Dalglish, my first real footballing hero!

What would you like to be your last…

Drink – A cold beer
Memory – My Children
Emotion – Contentment
Meal – A Sunday Roast
Experience – Skydiving!


Fave restaurant – Baobab in Santa Cruz
Fave nightspot – The Dubliner
Fave act or artist – I know too many to pick a favourite!
Fave bar – Terrace Bar, my second home!
Fave food – Steak
Fave wine – Anything red
Fave excursion – Night Skies. star gazing up in the national park
Fave hidden gem – The natural pools in Garachico
If you were mayor…
What law would you scrap – Tax, would that be allowed?
What law would you bring in – A ban on speedo’s, vests and socks with sandals.
What changes would you make – I would try and tackle the parking situation


A guilty pleasure – Glen Campbell, Rhinestone Cowboy!
Your most embarrassing moment – Falling off a bike in front of 400 people when I was trying to be clever
A childhood nickname – Billy
Favourite professional moment – My first show
Your secret crush – Andie MacDowell
An artist you secretly love – Ellie Goulding
A celebrity you would shoot – The list is long but if pushed, Piers Morgan
A TV show you wouldn’t appear in, even for a million quid – X Factor

Adi Benson,